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How to Cure Urinary Incontinence Naturally with These Unexpected Remedies

  Natural Remedies to Slay Incontinence Pee-nomenal! 46% of us ladies aged 45 to 80 reportedly had a little whoopsie-daisy, a.k.a. urinary incontinence, within the last year. But hey, we're not alone, even though it feels like a secret society. Incontinence can sneak up on anyone, at any age, but usually crashes the party post-childbirth. And it doesn't just RSVP to older women's invitations! Unwanted leaks and accidents have us all whispering in hushed tones, living under this weird misconception that it's a rite of passage in our golden years. We're worried about it getting worse—49% of us are—but many of us aren't chatting up our doctors about it. Guess what? We don't have to suffer in silence. When it comes to dealing with something as personal as incontinence, I'm a firm believer in exploring all the natural options first before going the way of the scalpel or the pill bottle. Why? Because I have a deep-rooted faith in the body's ability to heal

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