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Hagsters™ Mission


I believe that every wrinkle tells a story of wisdom, every grey hair signifies strength, and every year added to our life is a testament to our resilience. My mission is to participate in the shattering of the negative stereotypes around aging, proving that life’s later chapters can be the most dynamic and fulfilling.

Hagsters™ aims to inspire women to age audaciously, embracing every stage of life with gusto and passion. My brand showcases incredible, dynamic older women, those who are continuously contributing to their communities and making a difference, proving that aging isn't about becoming passive but becoming powerful.

My t-shirt line is designed for women who wear their age as a badge of honor, celebrating the journey they've traversed. Every piece is crafted to make women feel confident, valued, and audaciously beautiful, no matter their age. My shirts sends a loud and clear message to younger generations: Aging is not just natural, but it's also a delightful, fun, and beautiful part of life.

Hagsters™ isn't just a brand – it's my personal manifesto aimed at inspiring younger women to see aging not as a curse, but as a thrilling part of life's journey.

By celebrating dynamic older women and crafting audacious apparel, I hope to inspire all women to feel confident, remain involved, and truly value their contributions to their communities.

Through this, I aspire to ignite a spark in women of all ages, inspiring them to see aging not as a curse, but as a wonderful, enriching journey.. Aging, after all, isn't a descent into obscurity, but an ascension into a life rich with experience, wisdom, and immense potential.

Join me on this audacious journey, and together, let's redefine what it means to age.

Rosalee Rester, Founder


Rosalee Rester is Portland artist turned serial entrepreneur. Her infatuation with art goes back (way back). At age six, Rosalee watched with fascination as her second cousin Betty showed her how to press paint between two pages to create magical scenes and places. Her six-year-old resolve: recreating that wonderment.

Rosalee attended UC Davis, where she studied rhetoric and art, then went on to get an MBA from San Francisco State University. 

After the birth of her daughter, Rosalee launched Baby Wit, a baby clothing business featuring local artists and musicians.

The birth of her son in 2007 marked the inception of Yankers, a line of fastener-free baby rompers. Amid the 2019 pandemic, when the world was adopting a casual style, Rosalee introduced a line of fastener-free Union Suits, or one-piece long underwear for women. She has since them renamed them to MOONees™ for obvious reasons.

Rosalee's professional sewing skills were honed under the tutelage of Andrea Moore Beaulieu, who taught her the fine details down to the importance of 1/32nd of an inch. Armed with this knowledge, she launched rational.clothing in 2018, specializing in comfortable knitwear for women. The brand rapidly earned acclaim for its ability to effortlessly merge style and comfort, providing a powerful alternative to any notions of frumpiness.

With support from a city of Portland grant, Rosalee launched Makers Outlet, a pop-up shop in November 2021. Fueled by her love for sample sales of handmade goods, Makers Outlet offered samples and discounted clothing from local vendors. The Makers Outlet Daily Deal was such a hit that we've decided to continue it at Hagsters™. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Hagsters™ Daily Deal, where you can secure a unique find for under $10.

Under her brand R3G3N3R8, she crafts new designs from materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp, creating garments that are as eco-friendly as they are stylish.

She also breathes new life into pre-loved clothes by mending and creatively revamping them. It's a comprehensive approach to sustainable fashion that reimagines the life cycle of our clothes, proving that sustainability and style can coexist beautifully.

In her professional realm, Rosalee handles the retail website for her favorite basketball team. Yet, she still finds time for passion projects, the most recent one being the launch of P05K™ in July of 2023.

Hagster Products Available Only In My Etsy Store

You read this far, so you get 10% off Hagster Products on Etsy. Why? Because you deserve a little something for being old, right? It's like a senior discount every single day (ANOTHER benefit of our Golden years) Use 'HAGSTERLUV' at checkout. Enjoy.


The more popular designs are printed in-house on sustainable, USA-made blanks using screenprinting inks. They are available for wholesale. Currently there are only a few of my favorite designs that I make in house and include:

  1. Reading Is Heavy
  2. It's Never Too Late
  3. Old Bunny
  4. Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting
  5. Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads
  6. Openly Gray

I carry an in-house line of natural deodorant soap and face cream that's ahhhhmazing.

Upcycled Clothing

I repurpose cast-off items by adding decals, patches, fabric appliques, fabric painting, or dyeing the garment. This process is incredibly enjoyable but takes a bit of time so the pricing reflects this.

Used Clothing

Explore my curated collection of pre-loved clothing, where I showcase unique pieces that have stood the test of time. Each item in my used clothing section has been handpicked for its distinctive style. I take pride in offering you a sustainable and fashionable alternative to fast fashion, giving these pre-loved gems a new lease on life. Dive into our selection of one-of-a-kind treasures and find your next wardrobe staple or statement piece today!

Sample Sale Items

Discover exclusive finds in my Samples, featuring one-of-a-kind pieces originally created as samples for past clothing lines all made in Portland, Oregon. These unique items represent our creative experimentation and design process. Don't miss the opportunity to own a unique piece of apparel with a distinctive style that no one else has. 


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