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Finding Fashion Anarchy in the Age of Gray: The Elliott Way of Maximalist Fashion

Turning 57, I found myself stuck in a style rut, feeling less than attractive and frumpy. My once vibrant fashion sense had been swapped for sweats, creating a disconnection with my fashion instincts. A friend, Snow, introduced me to her old acquaintance Elliot, who was setting Instagram on fire with her vivacious style. One glimpse at Elliott, a woman roughly my age looking like she'd walked out of a fashion fever dream – and I was immediately hooked. Elliott wasn't just strutting her style; she was sprinting a damn marathon with it. I thought to myself, "Holy guacamole! I need to know her secret." I decided to reach out to Elliott for a conversation about her unique fashion perspective.

Meet Elliott: She Puts the 'Max' in Maximalist Fashion

Elliott's style evolution didn't start overnight; she didn’t just wake up one morning, raid a technicolor vintage store, and come out as the maximalist queen. In her early days, Elliott was all about daring and bold fashion. Then, a stint at a temp agency nudged her into dressing down her style to blend into the corporate beige. She then worked at Microsoft, where let's just say the dress code wasn't exactly 'runway ready'.

But when she joined a non-profit in the San Francisco East Bay, a place that celebrated individuality a tad bit more than Microsoft, Elliott rediscovered her style spark. Her self-styling was a revelation, her outfits turning heads and sparking conversations. It was like she was spreading joy, making people's day brighter, one outfit at a time.

Creating an ensemble isn’t just a routine for Elliott; it’s a mood-lifter. When people started expressing interest in her outfits, Elliott generously began documenting her looks. But when it began to feel like work, she ditched the spreadsheet, because for her, fashion should be fun, not a chore.

Today, Elliott is dressing up with gusto for every event, in-person or over Zoom (dressed from the waist up). She’s even graced the pages of Glam magazine and modeled eyewear for Eyekeeper advertisements, where she picks up all her readers.

Style is Your Personal Flavor, And Elliott's is Spicy!

Elliott believes in a simple truth: Style isn't about fitting into some cookie-cutter mold; it's about unleashing your wild, unique self. She's basically the Picasso of fashion, turning heads and sparking conversations wherever she goes. Her mantra? It's never about age or size or fleeting trends. It's about rocking who you are.

Chatting with Elliott reminded me of the thrill I once found in my funky punk rock ensembles. She convinced me that feeling awkward is just the beginning of something magical.

Elliott's Fashion Rebellion: Empowering Women, One Wardrobe at a Time

The truly punk rock part of Elliott's story isn't just her radical style evolution, but the way she's encouraging other women to embrace their fashion anarchy.

Her Instagram is a melting pot of inspiration on breaking the rules of "age-appropriate" dressing. When I shared my own style concerns, Elliott suggested I start small with a signature accessory and build from there. Choose an accessory – be it scarves, readers, hats, shoes or bags – and make it your signature accessory. From there, slowly start expanding your comfort zone.

Elliott's Fashion Consult

During our conversation I discovered people have been asking her for help with their wardrobes. I asked her to give me an idea of what that looked like. Some of the questions she asks are:

  • What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?
  • Pick out 3 things that you want to wear but haven't been and then talk about why. How do you feel about the piece? Do you love it or are you uncomfortable? Why are you uncomfortable?
  • What do you like about your wardrobe? 
  • What do you not like about your wardrobe?
  • What colors do you like?
  • Do you wear accessories?

She talks a bit about pairing pieces through color matching and using a color wheel. She believes you can mix and match patterns as long as you pay attention to the colors you are blending. Got plaid and flowers? If they share color tones, why not? Sometimes that goes out the window, too. Clashing colors can work together.

Elliott Night is making waves with her vibrant maximalist style, proving that fashion is a celebration of individuality, a mood booster, and should always be fun. Age shouldn't limit your style; it's about living your most authentic life.

So, let's learn from Elliott: Never let anyone, including yourself, dull your sparkle.

Check out:

if you'd like to pick up some Elliott magic.

 elliott night wearing outfits

Wisdom Questions

I enjoy discovering the ways in which an individual's life experiences have shaped their perspective and contributed to their personal growth. I believe you may share this sentiment too. In each blog entry, I feature a segment known as "Wisdom Questions," where our esteemed guest imparts valuable insights gained through their journey, enriching the readers' understanding.

How old are you, and how do you feel internally?

62. I feel about 30. 

Reflecting on your journey, what were the most important lessons you learned and how have they influenced your life?

Many of the things we think are ruinous in our lives become small blips after about 5 years. 

What are some valuable qualities or traits you have developed over the years?

Be as kind and compassionate as you can be in any situation.  Be aware of, and celebrate small delights.

What do you appreciate about your current age?

I have an amazing job, I live in an gorgeous place, I have an awesome wife, and our little dog is a cute patoot. 

Which age stands out as your favorite thus far, and what made it special?

My life has been amazing.  I've been in a band, been a performance artist, learned to fly a plane, have traveled all over the world, have volunteered with great organizations,  have cool friends,  etc. Every age has been a gift.

What brings you the most joy in your life presently?

One of the most heartwarming things is the comments I get on my fashion posts. People from all over the world have said wonderful, supportive things about my fashion and they way I pose. Also, people in public when I am out and about. Such a nice connection. 

When you reflect on your life, what is a  regret you have?

I regret that I haven't learned a foreign language. 

If you could offer advice to younger women, what would it be?

Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself.  Travel to other countries,  if you can, and be open to new foods, living conditions,  and ways of life. Learn a foreign language.  Start a savings account, learn about stocks and bonds enough to start investing.  Don't be judgemental, but be discerning.  Be kind. Foster, or adopt,  a senior dog.


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