Why Do Old People Smell?

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Wash Away That Old People Smell With Mother Nature

Hey there, folks! Today, I'm going to talk about the one thing we all dread as we age: the infamous "old people smell." Yup, I said it! But don't worry, I've got good news. Mother Nature makes all the secret ingredients to keep you smelling fresh as a daisy, no matter how many candles are on your birthday cake. Grab your rubber duckies and get ready to dive into the world of nonenal, and how a magical soap concoction featuring persimmon, aloe, and bergamot can save your olfactory reputation!

The Not-So-Sweet Smell of Aging

Nonenal, also known as "why your grandma's house smells like, well, your grandma's house," is a chemical that forms when bacteria on the skin break down lipids (fats). It's got a distinct grassy or greasy odor, and unfortunately, it's more common as we age. Let's talk about why we start to smell like a vintage thrift store as we age. Here are the culprits behind that not-so-glamorous "old people smell":

  • Antioxidant shortage: You know those antioxidants that keep us looking young and fresh? Well, as we age, our skin decides to go on strike and produce less of them. This leads to more oxidative stress and damage, making us more prone to nonenal. So yeah, thanks for nothing, skin!

  • Skin changes: Our skin, just like our favorite pair of jeans, gets thinner and less stretchy over time. It also loses its ability to hold moisture, which means we get dry and flaky (and not in a cute snowflake kind of way). Plus, our natural oil production goes down, so we can't even count on our skin to keep itself moisturized. Talk about a double whammy!

  • Hormonal roller coaster: You thought puberty was the end of hormone-related drama? Think again! As we age, our hormones get all wonky and cause changes in our skin chemistry. For example, postmenopausal women might see a drop in estrogen levels, leading to some funky body odor changes, including more nonenal. So, buckle up, because the hormone ride never really ends.

But before you start blaming your grandparents for hogging all the aldehydes, let's talk solutions!

Your Ticket to Scent-sational Senior Years! 

The Scent-sational Trio: Persimmon, Aloe, and Bergamot Soap: Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the fabulous trio that's here to save the day (and your social life): persimmon, aloe, and bergamot! This dynamic blend is the key to unlocking your inner youth, or at least your youthful scent.

  • Persimmon: This tasty fruit is more than just a delicious snack; it's also a nonenal-fighting ninja! Persimmon extract contains tannins that neutralize nonenal, making it the star of our soap opera.

  • Aloe: Aloe vera, the darling of sunburn remedies, does more than just soothe lobster-red skin. Its moisturizing and soothing properties help keep your skin hydrated and healthy, which means fewer opportunities for nonenal to crash the party.

  • Bergamot: This citrusy gem doesn't just make your Earl Grey tea smell divine; it also has antimicrobial properties that can help evict unwanted bacteria from your skin. Plus, the refreshing scent of bergamot is like a one-two punch against nonenal odors.

So, how do you get your hands on this fountain-of-youth-in-a-bar-of-soap? Look for our Hagsters™ all natural soap made in the Pacific NW from nonGMO pure ingredients (cause natural is the only way I roll) that features persimmon extract, aloe vera, and bergamot oil. With this magical blend, you can let Mother Nature wash away the dreaded nonenal. Pick up a bar of my Old People Soap today!

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