How to Outdress Your Younger Self: Age-Defying Style Tips for Women Over 50!


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A Fearless Fashion Guide for Cool Gen X Women Over 50

Hey there, fabulous Gen X women over 50! Yes, it's true. We're now mature women over 50, who are rocking this age and stage of life. Remember, in this game of life, fifty is just the highest score we've reached yet. Scared about being stuck in Chico's mature women's clothing for the rest of your life? Don't be. Let's dive into a world where fashion after 50 is anything but boring!

Defining Your Over 50 Fashion

Whether you're a woman over 40 or over 50, defining your style is a key part of expressing yourself. Whether you're vibing with the simplicity of French style, diving into the quirky layers of grannycore, or chilling with the sun-drenched aesthetic of coastal grandma, there's a place for you in the world of over fifty fashion. Visit our Fashion Over 50 Collection for everything from t-shirts for women over 50 to old lady pants. 

Figuring Out Your Style: Maximalist vs Minimalist

One of the first steps to defining your style, especially when it comes to fashion for women over 50, is determining where you fall on the Maximalist versus Minimalist spectrum. This isn't a definitive categorization, but rather a starting point that can help guide your fashion choices.

Start With Self-Reflection

Begin by looking inwards. Ask yourself, what kind of visual stimuli are you drawn to? Do you find yourself gravitating towards vibrant colors, complex patterns, and layered textures? Do you feel energized by the thought of making bold, creative fashion choices? If so, you might lean towards the Maximalist side of fashion.

On the other hand, are you drawn to simplicity, clean lines, and a more muted or neutral color palette? Do you find the idea of a capsule wardrobe appealing, where each piece is carefully chosen for its versatility and classic design? If this resonates with you, then you might be more of a Minimalist.

Assess Your Current Wardrobe

Your existing wardrobe can be a goldmine of information about your fashion preferences. Take a close look at the clothes you've chosen over the years. Which ones do you reach for the most? Do you have a closet filled with bold prints, or does it lean towards single-colored garments? Are you attracted to simplicity or do you love to layer your clothing and accessories? Your wardrobe tells your style story, listen to it! 

Sometimes, a closer look at your preferences may reveal a surprising discrepancy. Perhaps your wardrobe is filled with muted minimalist tones, but you find that the imagery you're drawn to, the Pinterest boards you create, or the fashion you admire on others is bursting with color, pattern, and bold styles. This could indicate that there's something holding you back from fully expressing your true self through your fashion choices.

Overcoming The Hesitations

The reasons for this discrepancy can be varied. Maybe you've stuck with safer, more "acceptable" fashion choices due to societal pressures, workplace expectations, or even self-imposed constraints. Whatever the reasons may be, remember this: now, in this beautiful stage of life, it's the perfect time to step out of any self-imposed boxes.

Trial and Error

Remember, it's okay to try things out and change your mind. Fashion is a form of self-expression and it's perfectly fine to experiment. You might identify as a Minimalist, but come across a Maximalist piece that just speaks to your soul. Or vice versa. It's your style, your rules.

In the end, whether you identify more as a Maximalist or Minimalist, your style should be a reflection of you. Use these categories as guides, not rules. As you evolve, your style can too. And that's the beauty of fashion after 50 - it's a celebration of your journey, your personality, and the freedom to express yourself!

Maximalist Fashion

As a maximalist, you embrace a 'more is more' philosophy. The love for color, print, texture, and intricate detail fuels your style. Grannycore with its floral patterns, crochet, and layering can be a fabulous expression of maximalism. However, the beauty of being a maximalist lies in breaking boundaries and venturing even beyond this style.

From bold, daring prints and sequins to a riot of colors and exaggerated silhouettes, maximalism is all about making a statement. Mix patterns, layer pieces, and experiment with unexpected combinations. Street Style Pro is another fashion trend that maximalists can enjoy with its daring pairings and love for trend-setting pieces.

Minimalist Fashion

On the other hand, minimalists love the simplicity and sophistication that comes with clean lines, fewer pieces, and a more subdued color palette. The French and Coastal Grandma styles can be perfect fits for a minimalist wardrobe, offering simple pieces, solid colors, and a sense of effortless elegance.

But don't mistake minimalist for boring. It's about making impactful statements with less. You can use textures and shapes to add interest to your outfits while keeping the color scheme simple. Business Casual and Modern Minimalist trends provide excellent inspiration, focusing on the sleek lines of tailored trousers, blazers, or the elegance of a single-tone look.

French Over 50 Style

With the French over 50 style, it's all about a casual style with classic elegance. Solid colors, simple pieces, a layer or two, and that one statement piece – say, a pair of sleek ankle boots – make for a versatile wardrobe.


Grannycore is your go-to style if you're all about floral patterns, crochet, and layering. Pair an animal print top with a pencil skirt for an unexpected combo that will keep your style fresh and exciting.

Coastal Grandma Style

Embrace the coastal grandma aesthetic for a breezy, relaxed vibe. Imagine the French style but with sunhats and flowy tunics. It's all about summer outfits that are effortlessly chic and comfortable.

The Business Casual

Perfect for professional environments and events, this style is all about blazers, smart trousers, pencil skirts, and blouse-and-cardigan combinations. It's the middle-aged style for women who mean business while keeping it stylish.

The Sporty Comfort

If comfort is your primary style driver, this is your go-to trend. Ideal for those who value practicality without compromising on style, it includes athleisure wear, fitted joggers, trendy sneakers, and stylish sweaters. Whether you're running errands or enjoying a casual day out, the Sporty Comfort look lets you do it all in style.

The Street Style Pro

For the daring fashionistas who enjoy experimenting with current trends, Street Style Pro is your canvas. This style can range from pairing ripped jeans with a chic blazer to wearing oversized shirts with skinny jeans and ankle boots. Embrace the streets as your runway, as this style adds a fresh, youthful vibe to the over 50 fashion scene.

Women's Clothes Over 50: Shopping and Outfit Ideas

Creating fashion over 50 isn't about trends, it's about taking charge of your style and creating a look that embodies your spirit and attitude. Whether it's sophisticated middle-aged style pieces, or laid-back casual outfits for women over 50, the fashion world is teeming with possibilities for you.

One way to discover your style is to create a Pinterest board of looks you're drawn to. The visual layout helps you see common patterns in your fashion preferences, such as color palettes, types of clothing, or specific details you adore. Check out our Pinterest board [link] for some fantastic style inspiration.

Clothing stores that cater to the fashion women over 50 want and need are increasingly understanding the value of diversity in style. From trendy online boutiques (like Hagsters!) to traditional brick-and-mortar stores, there are a variety of places to find clothes that fit your aesthetic. Whether you're drawn to vibrant prints or prefer the elegant simplicity of monochromatic looks, there's a world of fashion at your fingertips.

One essential tip in defining your style is finding a few signature pieces. These could be anything from your glasses, shoes, handbags, scarves or even a particular style of hat. These are the items that tie your outfit together and define you.

Your signature pieces are your fashion statement, your personal brand that resonates with your identity. It's the consistency in your style that makes you, you. Regardless of what trends come and go, this is the touch of personal flair that defines your fashion over 50. Your unique signature piece allows you to express yourself and leave a lasting impression in any setting, making fashion after 50 an exciting, empowering journey.

Embrace Your Over 50 Clothing Styles

Whether you're interested in street style over 50, need outfit ideas for women's clothing for over 50-year-olds, or are just figuring out how to dress after 50, your style should celebrate your individuality.

And remember, you're not trying to dress like 50, but to find your unique style for women over 50. So, ladies, keep rocking those outfits for 50 years, enjoy your casual clothes, and strut your stuff with confidence.

You're not just older women – you're fabulous women!


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