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How Not To Look Frumpy

Finding Fashion Anarchy in the Age of Gray: The Elliott Way of Maximalist Fashion Turning 57, I found myself stuck in a style rut, feeling less than attractive and frumpy. My once vibrant fashion sense had been swapped for sweats, creating a disconnection with my fashion instincts. A friend, Snow, introduced me to her  old acquaintance Elliot, who was setting Instagram on fire with her vivacious style. One glimpse at Elliott, a woman roughly my age looking like she'd walked out of a fashion fever dream – and I was immediately hooked. Elliott wasn't just strutting her style; she was sprinting a damn marathon with it. I thought to myself, "Holy guacamole! I need to know her secret." I decided to reach out to Elliott for a conversation about her unique fashion perspective. Meet Elliott: She Puts the 'Max' in Maximalist Fashion Elliott's style evolution didn't start overnight; she didn’t just wake up one morning, raid a technicolor vintage store

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